AeroQuad Quadcopter, First test flights (2012)

Finally there was a break on the weather and the wind, and a patch of compacted snow (skating rink) where I could test the Quadcopter.


I was able to fly it a couple of times before making a hard landing which damaged two propellers, broke two of the plastic screws and loosened the landing gear.

The propellers, screws and landing gear have been replaced so the Quad is ready to fly again however there are some improvements I would like to do first:

  1. Replace the structure with a larger one for more stability as now it has only 22 1/2” between motor to (opposite) motor which may be very short for a quad with 12” propellers.

  2. Design a frame that has an outer ring (or rings) to protect the propellers.

  3. Find a camera with a wider angle of view as the current one has a very narrow angle which does not allow nice aerial views.

  4. Paint it or install LEDs in a way that makes it easier to find out from a distance which side is the front side as currently it is though to see the orientation.

Damage after the crash.

Bellow is a video with views from the ground and from the Quad.


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