Propeller Chronometer (2011)

Chronometer for timing robot competitions.

Article published in Robot Magazine

Chronometer for robot line following or maze solving competitions. Used at the June 2011 first annual CNRG Ottawa Regional competition. Consists of a Propeller board and a pair of infra-red (IR) emitters and detectors.

Schematic of one of the gates.


A robot crosses the starting gate of a line following course. The chronometer starts counting and the start gate LED changes from green to red.
Main Components: The two gates, the Propeller Proto Board installed inside a plastic box and the manual start and stop button mounted in an old 35mm film container.


Parallax Propeller Proto Board
From left to right: Bi-color LED board, IR detector board ad IR emitter board.
The line follower robot has crossed the finish line. The final runtime is displayed in large orange digits and the previous and best times lists are updated.


The chronometer display shows the current run time in large green digits.
Line follower robot behind the starting gate of a line racing course while other robots await their turn.
Bottom view of the gate sensors. From left to right: IR detector board, Bi-color LED board and IR emitter board.

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