Remote Control Boat Hull Design (2011)

Project is to build a 1:40 scale RC boat using various technics: The ABS Plastic hull will be formed with a home made vacuum molding process using a mold made by carving a block of wood using a CNC mill. The hull model for the CNC mill will be created in Solidworks using as reference plans from an old tugboat (Klimek) from The deck will be made out of balsa wood. It will use a 6V DC motor, a NiCd battery, a 2 channel RC receiver from Hobby King and the speed controller will be custom made using a small PIC controller and an H-Bridge.

Used as reference this tutorial from YouTube Canoe Hull loft in SolidWorks for the Solidworks modelling.

Imported the original boat plans as pictures in Solidworks to be used as templates for the spline curves.
Used the Lofted Surface tool to create surfaces using the vertical splines and guide curves. To use the guide curves for the surface loft, the guide curve spline has to intersect each of the vertical splines in the loft. To do this insert a spline point in the guide curve at every intersection with the vertical spline planes and then add a pierce relation between the points in the guide curve spline and each of the vertical splines.


Use Solidworks Mirror (Bodies) tool to create the full hull surface.


This image shows the 4 different surface lofts used. Each different surface loft uses different guide curves.


This is the final Boat Hull in Solidworks.


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