Robomagellan, RC Truck Hacked version (2010)

Robomagellan, RC Truck Hacked version (2010)

This version of my 2010 Robomagellan robot was based on a RC Toy Truck base where the original truck electronics board was replaced with a DFRobot Motor Controller (L298N H-Bridge) and the original electromagent used for steering was replaced with a Hitec HS-322HD servo. Additional sensors (sensor overkill perhaps) were added. Three front sonar sensors (2 Parallax Ping and 1 MaxBotix LV MaxSonar EZ0) and three front Sharp GP2Y0A02YK IR Range Sensors. A Picaxe CHI-030 Project Board with a Picaxe-18X was used for the Analog to Digital conversion of the Sharp sensors. The main microprocessor was the Parallax Propeller.

This Robot was able to approximate using only GPS and Compass to an average of 2 to 5 meters of each cone before proceeding to the next waypoint until successfully navigating all the course waypoints. It was able to do basic obstacle avoidance of small and large obstacles. A small stand alone video camera was added to record the Robot’s point of view.


Future work: Add Netbook with camera and RoboRealm for visual cone detection and approach. Replace front Maxbotix with a Parallax Ping sensor as the Maxbotix seems to produce more false (floor) readings than the Parallax Pings. Add encoders to the wheels and/or replace the Truck base with one with better motors and speed controllers.

This early version had only one front facing Ping sensor. It failed to detect obstacles that were not perpendicular and not directly in front.


Sensor Overkill!. For this version 2 ultrasonic pings and 3 IR sensors were used in order to improve the obstacle detection algorithm capabilities.


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