Robomagellan, RC Truck Minimum hacking version (2010)

My first Robomagellan robot for the Ottawa Robotic Enthusiasts (ORE) Robomagellan competition was based on a RC Truck with minimal hacking. In order to preserve the RC Truck only the body was removed and all the robot components were mounted in an acrylic base which could easily be removed. The Radio Control was mounted in the acrylic and both sticks were controlled by servos. The electronics consisted of a Parallax Propeller Protoboard, a Parallax PMB-648 GPS, a Parallax Hitachi HM55B Dual-Axis Compass, a Parallax Ping sensor and a Parallax Serial 2×16 LCD.

This Robot was able to successfully navigate the way points of the Robomagellan course however the RC Truck steering and speed control were not proportional so the only way to achieve different radius turns and different speeds was to quickly move the steering and speed radio control sticks using something like Pulse Width Modulation. This solution was cumbersome and the results were not optimal.




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