Robotic Arm, Lego gripper + Lynxmotion Servo Erector elbow, shoulder and base version (2010)

Experimental robot arm with 5 DOF (Degrees of Freedom) plus actuator (gripper).

The Lego version was to shaky and weak so replaced from the elbow down with Aluminum Servo Erector brackets from Lynxmotion.

Gripper, wrist and wrist rotate made with Lego Technic and aluminum parts, elbow, shoulder and base made with Lynxmotion parts. Parallax Propeller Proto Board used to generate the PWM signals for the Servos. A custom spin object was written to generate orchestrated servo movements with gradual acceleration and deceleration.

The following video shows basic moves, the first time the arm picks and handles the orange lego blocks it uses gradual movements, the second time it picks and handles the orange lego blocks it uses acceleration and deceleration. With accelerated and decelerated moves the robot arm oscillates less when stopping.


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