TicTacToe Robot Arm (2010)

TicTacToe Robot Arm (2010)

TicTacToe game Robot Arm application.

Robot Arm with 5 degrees of freedom plus gripper, made with Lego Technic, LynxMotion and custom made parts controlled with a Parallax Propeller Microprocessor.

Game board made with an array of 9 CNY70 infrared light emitters and detectors.

User interface with 2 line LCD display and three 5-position push buttons that can be used in control mode to manipulate the position of each servo to teach the robot new positions.

The tic tac toe game has three levels of difficulty, easy, normal and hard. In the Hard level it is impossible for humans to win. The robot will always win or the game will end on a tie. In the easy mode the robot will make some random mistakes so the human has a chance of beating it.


Future work: Chess application, interface to PC with RoboRealm and inverse kinematics model.

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